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Crate and Freight

March 13th, 2017 by

PakMail “Ships Indiana” in Danville, IN is your expert furniture shipper! Don’t take chances with your fragile, valuable furniture with just anyone. We provide expert custom packed and custom build foam lined crates to properly protect your freight shipment. Shop your project, then call us or visit our store location in person to experience the difference when you work with a local expert committed to properly handling, packing and shipping your item(s). You can count on us!


52 E Main St

Danville, IN


PakMail Shipping Madness

March 5th, 2017 by

Shipping Madness in March? No worries!

We provide the most comprehensive list of packing, mailing, shipping, crating and mini moving services available. Buying online, from an auction, an antique or specialty furniture shop? Are you shipping a variety of items from an estate? Just make one call to 317-386-3574 and we will provide you with the best shipping options and most cost effective solution to your specific need.

PakMail “Ships Indiana” means we pick up your item(s) directly, safely transport to our warehouse or retail store location for professional packing and shipping. If you need short term storage during the process, it will not be possible or very costly if the carrier has to hold your items. We will pick up per your deadline and provide short term storage in our warehouse, then ship directly to you via ground parcel, air service or residential/commercial freight service with lift gate delivery.

Call 317-386-3574 or visit PakMail in Danville at 52 E Main St., or visit us on the web!


PakMail Danville

February 26th, 2017 by

PakMail “Ships Indiana”

We are the locally owned and operated PakMail Franchise with retail store and warehouse locations in Danville, IN. We PROUDLY serve central Indiana, including Indianapolis and all surrounding counties. We are your one-stop call for all shipping needs.

Visit our retail store at 52 E Main Street in Danville, IN or call 317-386-3574.

Visit us on the web at or

See us on social media with Facebook at PakMail Danville or PakMail “Ships Indiana” as well as on LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Furniture Shipping and Mini Moves

February 12th, 2017 by

PakMail Danville is your local expert furniture shipper! Do you need to send an entire estate throughout the country or one piece of furniture to a family member? Are you bidding at a local auction from out of town? No worries, we can help. PakMail provides local pick up, packing, crating, short term storage and shipping nationwide with either blanket wrap or residential freight services.

What is a blanket wrap small move? How do you ship residential freight? Who provides local pick up? What is “white glove”? What kind of pallet and size do you ship a freight shipment on and does that matter? How do you find a vendor to build a custom crate? What if my item is artwork or extremely valuable? Can we ship air freight? Wow…if you are trying to ship a large item these are just some of the questions you probably will encounter.

After you search the internet to ship your mini move, call or visit us in person to experience the difference that a local expert furniture or large item shipper will offer. We will work to craft a solution to your shipping need that includes local pick up, packing, crating or palletizing and our program will provide shipping by blanket wrap van service with inside delivery or a palletized shipment via freight carrier.

Our promise is that you will speak directly with a local business that provides full value coverage for your valuables and stands by their work. Rest assured that we will work to earn your business throughout the project and will “own” the process from pick up to delivery. You will never be handed off to another party or have to call the carrier for an update on your shipment.

PakMail “Ships Indiana” is your local PakMail Retail Shipping Store in Danville, IN plus your local resource for furniture shipping with pick up service and a local warehouse. Now that is BEYOND a shipping store! We are confident that we truly are your one stop expert shipping solution focused on service and the customer experience!

PakMail “Ships Indiana”

52 E Main Street

Danville, IN


Valentine’s Day Shipping at PakMail

February 12th, 2017 by

Long distance relationships with friends and family? No worries, ship with PakMail Danville and be sure that your loved one’s get your care package safely and on time!

Remember, we PACK and SHIP! Don’t waste time searching for a box to reuse or risk damage to your care package items. We will properly pack and ship your packages every time. PakMail also provides full value coverage eliminating the risk that you will have to deal with the carrier on your shipment. Our location carries over 50 box sizes and if we don’t have what your shipment needs, we will build you a box!!!

Again, no worry packing and shipping with PakMail.

Call 317-386-3574 or visit our retail location in person.


52 E Main Street

Danville, IN

Six More Weeks of Winter?

February 5th, 2017 by

Our furry friend in PA may have seen his shadow indicating 6 more weeks of winter but you don’t have to wait for spring to ship your packages! PakMail Danville is your local shipping store and we can certainly take care of your shipping and moving needs before spring.

Visit our retail store location at 52 E Main Street in Danville, IN or call 317-386-3574.

Our services include custom packing, parcel shipping, storage, mini-moving services, residential and commercial freight as well as fax, copy, print, notary and private mail boxes in store. PakMail Danville is your authorized retail shipping outlet for UPS, FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, DHL Worldwide and USPS. Oh, and we also build custom crates and pallets…wow!!! PakMail Danville is truly your one stop shipping location.


PakMail Danville


Pack, Packing, Packed

January 28th, 2017 by

Fragile, delicate, one of a kind, handmade, artisan, valuable, priceless…no worries! PakMail Danville is your center for all packing needs. We provide in store packing service for your shipping, transporting and storage needs. When you need a box we will sell you one but when you need expert packing we will properly pack your item for shipping and you will rest easy knowing we apply industry best practices that cover all parcel carrier standards and requirements. Need an item crated, we can help! At PakMail Danville, we pack in our retail store and also build custom crates for large items in our warehouse. We also can provide short term storage and freight shipping or pick up at our warehouse location.

If we pack and ship your item, we provide PakMail full value coverage to insure your item is protected throughout the shipping process. This is extremely important for you because it means we handle any claim or related questions in house assuring you are dealing only with our team and you will never be handed off to the carrier claims department without representation.

Call or visit us in person…see you soon!


52 E Main St.

Danville, IN


Holiday Packing & Shipping at PakMail Danville

December 8th, 2016 by

Holiday Packing & Shipping at PakMail Danville, IN is the easy decision this holiday season! We offer packing for all items, shipping via USPS, UPS, UPS Air Services FedEx, FedEx Express, FedEx Freight and DHL Worldwide. We also accept prepaid and return labeled drop off shipments for all carriers.

Additionally, we can provide expert custom packing for items you need to travel with, ship, store, return and gift!

PakMail Danville provides copy, print, fax, scan, laminate, shred and notary services. Our store also has some of those last minute items needed for you to gift wrap, pack, ship as well as home office items.

If you have not received our holiday coupon in your mailbox, just visit our website for more savings!

Shipping with PakMail Danville saves you time and money this busy holiday season.

PakMail Danville

52 E Main Street

Danville, IN



Happy Halloween! Ship with PakMail Danville

October 19th, 2016 by

Happy Halloween!

Yes, of course we can ship your Halloween! Visit PakMail Danville for a sweet treat in savings on your next shipment during this upcoming holiday season (hint, it is a $5 off coupon!). As always, we offer the best shipping options in a single retail location. UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and residential freight carrier options. We provide complete on site packing, sell over 40 different box sizes, packing and moving materials, office supplies as well as provide on site copy, print, laminate, fax and notary services.

Booo! it is scary how much this shipping store can do for you…

PakMail IMG_20160709_161752319_HDRIMG_20160709_161813042_HDR

52 E Main Street

Danville, IN 46122


How does PakMail Danville work for you?

September 14th, 2016 by

PakMail Danville is the most comprehensive LOCAL retail packing and shipping location. We are an authorized retail shipping outlet for UPS, UPS Worldwide, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Express, DHL Worldwide and USPS (US Postal Service). We pack ANY item…fragile, expensive, one-of-a-kind, artwork and provide shipping service with full value coverage available!

In addition, we build custom crates, provide small moving services, residential and commercial freight shipping and storage.

Call us today and we will craft an individual solution for your project!






Pak Mail "Ships Indiana"

Pak Mail “Ships Indiana”


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Pak Mail Danville is a full service packing and shipping store as well as a custom crating and freight shipping company. We are located in Danville and proudly serve Danville and all surrounding cities. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 317-386-3574.